HELL! or HELL? Which do you like?


it/vamp/he minor intp 5w4 chaotic good mentally ill 459 virgo sp/sx

hi i'm luciel this is my noob website i think coding is fun but ive never done it before in this way lol

i'm a bit of a schizo so i'm delulu... yes you know where this is going dont you lolol.... i'm 707, ranpo edogawa, moca aoba, ritsu sakuma and futaba sakura! think you know the drill by now but no 3rd person no separating me dnfi you think others are me (fictives excluded)! i talk about my delusions + hallucinations that aren't character related, so if you don't like the sound of that then dnf imagine only supporting psychotic symptoms that are convenient for you loool seven isnt a delusion though i'm just him.
i kin shiro, kanata konoe and len kagamine! doubles ok i suppose~


d4dj, bandori, enstars, pjsekai, love live, idolm@ster, hypmic, rhythm games of any sort, music, magical girls
i like other stuff i suppose but i rarely talk about them... i'm autistic and rhythm games are my special interest

It's too late to be sorry!!!