HELL! or HELL? Which do you like?


it/vamp/he minor intp 5w4 chaotic good mentally ill 459 virgo sp/sx

hi i'm chu2 from bandori as you can probably guess... this is my noob website i think coding is fun

i'm a bit of a schizo so i'm delulu... yes you know where this is going dont you.... i'm ranpo edogawa, ritsu sakuma and futaba sakura! think you know the drill by now but no 3rd person no separating me dnfi you think others are me (fictives excluded)! i talk about my delusions that aren't character related, so if you don't like the sound of that then dnf.
i kin shiro, gentaro yumeno, kanata konoe, aegis, kohaku oukawa and len kagamine! doubles ok i suppose~


i like other stuff i suppose but i rarely talk about them... i'm autistic and rhythm games are my special interest

rhythm games: music:
d4dj, ensemble stars music/basic, bang dream, idolm@ster million live, idolm@ster platinum stars, aaside, jubeat, reflec beat, maimai, taiko no tatsujin, chunithm, project diva (f2nd ps4 megamix), project sekai, guitar hero, p3/5 dancing, dance dance revolution, hypmic arb, love live all stars, beatmania, sound voltex, pop n music, groove coaster, osu! lisa, bibi, 40mp, deco*27, fripside, gorillaz, happy around, fling posse, kikuo, merm4id, lyrical lily, morfonica, roselia, raise a suilen, pastel*palettes, pinocchiop, photon maiden, redalice, sumire uesaka, elipson, babymetal, yui ogura, wowaka, guilty kiss, liella (when they release), p*light, nijigasaki


It's too late to be sorry!!!